Basisches Badekonzentrat

Alkaline Bath Soak

Suitable for every skin type. Effectively complements the SIRIDERMA 2 Phase Active Care Concept
Content: 500 g (€3.39   / 100 g)

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The Alkaline Bath Soak neutralises excess acids remaining on the skin, which can cause... more

The Alkaline Bath Soak neutralises excess acids remaining on the skin, which can cause hypersensitivity, itching, burning and redness.

Ideal for use as a full bath, foot bath, as an alkaline wash, and of course as a relaxing bath soak.


  • The alkaline bath soak stimulates the skin’s self-moisturisation/lubrication process. 
  • The skin’s physical appearance is improved.
  • The skin feels soothed and more supple.

How to use

Alkaline full bath
  • Basisches Badekonzentrat Vollbad3 tablespoons for a full bathtub. Bathing time 30-60 minutes. If you are not used to take a full bath, we recommend a bathing time of 15min in the beginning. Increase bathing time slowly. Bathing temperature should not exceed 37°C, as higher temperatures might weaken the immune system. Gently wash your skin with a soft cloth every 10 minutes in order to remove acid metabolic residues.
  • To obtain a deacidifying effect, the bath should be taken for at least 30 minutes. It is recommendable to bath as often and as long as possible. For problematic skin like atopic eczema or psoriasis longer bathing times are recommendable.
Alkaline baby care
  • 1 full teaspoon on 20l of water (baby tub). Does not sting the eyes.

Basisches Badekonzentrat FußbadAlkaline foot bath
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons for a foot bath. Bathing time: 30-60 minutes. The problem of heavily sweaty, unpleasantly smelling feet can be managed within short if feet are bathed regularly for about 30 min.
Alkaline washing
  • For daily use (e.g. in the morning and in the evening) apply ½ -1 level teaspoon to a full basin and gently wash the skin with a soft washing cloth.

Ingredients (INCI)

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Maris Sal*, lllite, Aqua
*Sea Salt with magnesium, calcium, potassium and trace elements

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